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January 23, 2018

2018 Bosch training program for automotive workshops has been expanded and updated

The current 2018 Bosch range of trainings for automotive workshops includes more... more details

December 12, 2017

Add-on for EPS 708 and EPS 815 diesel test benches

New test kits for the inspection of VDO common-rail pumps on Bosch diesel test... more details

October 20, 2017

Winter check and Bosch spare parts make sure vehicle fleets get through the winter well and safely

Ice, snow and temperatures below zero: Wet and cold weather in late autumn and... more details

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Bosch FWA 9000

The FWA 9000

Touching neither wheels nor the vehicle

Contact-free precision

The Bosch FWA 9000 allows fast and accurate wheel alignment. At the same time and thanks to precise measured data, it is easy to generate additional turnovers with useful wheel-alignment tasks.

All details about the new FWA 9000 can be found here >

Bosch HTD815

Headlight testing

For intelligent lighting systems

Digital headlight testing

The analog headlight testers used in workshops no longer match the intelligent lighting systems of today's vehicles. Bosch digital headlight testers with CMOS camera technology provide the necessary solution here.

All details about the headlight testing can be found here >

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

For complex repair scenarios and training

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality applications expand the reality in a computer-assisted manner by adding useful additional information. Using a tablet computer or a smart phone, matching explanations, pictures or videos are added to the live image once the user points the device's camera at an area for which Augmented Reality information is available.

All details about Augmented Reality can be found here >

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